Portfolio Analysis

Loan Portfolio Analysis

Dr. D’Andrea has extensive experience managing and delivering a wide variety of loan portfolio consulting assignments. His numerous engagements have involved the evaluation, re-underwriting, monitoring, securitization and/or bulk sale of multi-billion dollar pools of performing and non-performing real estate loans held by commercial banks and thrifts. Loan portfolio clients include Washington Mutual, California Federal, Home Savings, Fidelity Federal and Valley Federal Savings.

These loan portfolio consulting engagements typically involve an evaluation of portfolio and capital market strategies for large pools of multifamily and commercial loans, including:

  • Preparation of asset summaries
  • Real estate cash flow projections
  • Investment value appraisals
  • Collateral deficit reviews
  • Assessment of loan workout scenarios

Property Portfolio Analysis

John D’Andrea’s real estate portfolio analysis has included:

  • Valuation of a portfolio of commercial and residential properties held by a limited partnership, in some cases in the context of a partial dissolution.
  • Assessment of value increases of retail and multifamily properties, in the context of a rescission of a purchase contract.

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